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Mac data recovery: Do’s and Don’ts

Today, most of the people make use of computers to store all their data, which includes important and confidential documents, their favorite music and video files, and even memorable photos taken by them. Since there is such a large amount of data present on the computer, we would not want to commit a silly mistake, resulting in loss of this crucial data. However, there are certain instances when things are not under our control, and we end up losing data. Fortunately, the existence of a Mac data recovery software is what gives us some hope of recovering lost or deleted data.

Data loss in Mac is characterized by the freezing of the entire Mac system, rendering the data present on the hard drive inaccessible. Under such situations there are some Do’s and Don’ts that can help you in the form of first aid, as soon as data loss occurs. They can be summarized as follows,

  • Stop using the affected computer, as continued usage might permanently erase the data.
  • Try and figure out the root cause of the problem. i.e., whether the data loss occurred due to physical or logical error.
  • If the error is physical, get the help of a good data recovery service to recover the lost data.


  • Do not get hasty, and try to recover the data, by randomly clicking multiple keys. This will worsen the situation, and the data might be lost forever.
  • Do not surf the internet for Mac data recovery software and download it using the affected computer, since this causes overwriting of the disk space occupied by the deleted file. Instead, make use of another healthy system for installation and recovery process.
  • Finally, do not try to restart the system thinking that the problem will be solved, as overwriting of files during startup can also result in permanent data loss.

The best option is to download REMO Recover (Mac) Pro Edition software onto another healthy system, connect the affected drive a secondary slave to this system, and recover Mac data using this healthy system.