What you can do when your PC file system is falling apart

If you are operating a personal computer that still relies upon the File Allocation Table or FAT data partitioning system, it is only a matter of time until new sophisticated software applications cause your hard drive to suffer a logical crash. It is also possible that like so many other people, this crash has already occurred and your data lies dormant, locked away in your somewhat obsolete computer. REMO, long considered the world’s experts in data recovery from hard drives have developed a program of FAT recovery software. This program, when downloaded onto a currently operational computer allows reclamation of all data, whether existing, lost or damaged from hard drives operating on the FAT system. The restored data can be replaced on the obsolete system, if desired or backed up onto a CD or DVD.

REMO Software also has available a program for NTFS recovery. NTFS is the newer Windows file allocation system. There are REMO programs for data recovery from any and every digital information storage device. Whether you have a Smart card from your camera with deleted image files or a flash card in need of USB data recovery, REMO has a program for that purpose.


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