Software to bring lost photos back from destruction

If you have a Canon digital camera, it saves files in a proprietary format. These files known as RAW files are saved as CRW or CR2 files. Popular Nikon cameras use their own format initialed NEF. Sony, Olympus and Minolta each have their own format as well. Should you have a need to recover deleted photos taken on any of these types of cameras, you will require a program for photo recovery that supports both RAW files and these digital cameras in particular. Once downloaded onto your computer, your digital images may be saved in popular image formats such as JPG, JPEG et al.

At present, only one data recovery system supports both RAW files and memory card recovery in any and all of these formats. That is the digital media recovery software program from REMO Software. this easy to use powerful program allows the user the ability to visually preview files prior to recovery. It also allows recovery of data in compressed form. Once found and recovered, digital media files can then be resaved or written to a CD/DVD.


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