Retrieve files and folders from logically crashed computers

Effective data recovery systems require that the search for lost, deleted or damaged files be aimed exactly at the area of malfunction. If one is using a computer operating in the Linux system, a program to recover lost data on a Windows loaded computer will flounder. A program to repair the inbox on an Outlook mail client will not restore Outlook Express sent folder mail. Data recovery software must be targeted to a specific task in order to be successful.

REMO data recovery software was developed and designed with exactly this premise in mind. And, that is why REMO programs are so effective. There are separate programs available from REMO for Windows recovery and Mac recovery. There are programs to recover Outlook mail and Outlook Express mail. REMO digital media recovery software package scans for and restores image and video files. For every data recovery task, REMO has built a program to accomplish it.


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