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Recovering data from formatted drives

When your hard drive is formatted, re-formatted or repartitioned the files will be lost or may become inaccessible. In such cases, you need to retrieve and restore the data on the hard drive to the original state by using data recovery software. Some of the reasons for formatting the hard drive may be either physical damage or logical damage. Few scenarios are listed below

  • Accidental formatting of drives
  • Re-partitioning using partitioning utilities
  • Upgrading the operating system
  • System errors
  • Bad sectors
  • Software malfunction
  • Virus attacks
  • Power failure

Whenever you come across the above situations, you format, re-format your hard drive. In order to achieve data recovery after format, stop using the drive right away, avoid installing any new software / applications on the formatted hard drive, do not run any disk utilities or write / save any new data on the drive from which you would like to recover data.

Accidentally formatting a drive does not result in permanent loss of data. The operating system does not actually erase it from your hard drive and the space occupied by the lost file is just marked as available or free, so that the newly saved file will occupy the free space and result in overwriting. Therefore, whenever you try saving new files the operating system simply replaces this free space with new data and the previous files are replaced.

Formatted data recovery software has the capability to restore lost files form formatted, re-formatted partitions, re-partitioned hard drives and even data can be retrieved from drives even after re-installing operating system i.e. Windows or Mac. This software will allow you to preview files even before recovery, which helps you to evaluate the ability of the software. Since it is read-only software, it does not write anything on the drive, so that you can save your data from getting lost permanently.

Steps to Recover Mac Files

Each and every time a file has been saved on the Mac operating system, it is recorded on the hard drive as digital data. When a file got deleted, the digital data which is in hard drive, and data which are in the format of code in hard drive is not been erased. After the data has been erased, you cannot access it, and you may not know where the data has gone. However, all the binary code that makes the data remain on the drive itself. Your hard drive will maintain this data until you preserve new data overwrite it. To take advantage of the chances to recover the erased data, you need to stop or at least reduce the activities of write and save procedures on the hard disk.

You will be surprised to know how easy you can recover mac files, pictures, videos and other important files in moments from your system. The files, such as documents, photos, including emails with attachments and permanently erased files can be restored by following a systematic procedures and using effective third party Mac data recovery software exclusively intended for Mac users. Furthermore, one can also recover lost contacts in their address book, phone number, and other information by using recover mac files software.

The memory card used in digital camera or other digital device can be corrupted at any time and this will restrict you to catch more photos. Abrupt plug out of memory card while the digital camera is on, or if you turn off the camera while read or write process is taking place that can lead to memory card corruption. Several other factors that can result digital image loss from memory card are intended or accidental deletion of photos, unintentional format of the memory card, software malfunction and damage of the storage device. The photo recovery software program is an efficient tool to get back all your lost photos and other significant information.

The photo recovery software can retrieve almost all image formats like jpg, bmp, png, gif, tiff, avi, mov, mp3, wav, mp4, midi, and mpg and also the raw file formats. The software application is able to scan the memory card to recover all deleted or lost photos.

Mac data recovery: Do’s and Don’ts

Today, most of the people make use of computers to store all their data, which includes important and confidential documents, their favorite music and video files, and even memorable photos taken by them. Since there is such a large amount of data present on the computer, we would not want to commit a silly mistake, resulting in loss of this crucial data. However, there are certain instances when things are not under our control, and we end up losing data. Fortunately, the existence of a Mac data recovery software is what gives us some hope of recovering lost or deleted data.

Data loss in Mac is characterized by the freezing of the entire Mac system, rendering the data present on the hard drive inaccessible. Under such situations there are some Do’s and Don’ts that can help you in the form of first aid, as soon as data loss occurs. They can be summarized as follows,

  • Stop using the affected computer, as continued usage might permanently erase the data.
  • Try and figure out the root cause of the problem. i.e., whether the data loss occurred due to physical or logical error.
  • If the error is physical, get the help of a good data recovery service to recover the lost data.


  • Do not get hasty, and try to recover the data, by randomly clicking multiple keys. This will worsen the situation, and the data might be lost forever.
  • Do not surf the internet for Mac data recovery software and download it using the affected computer, since this causes overwriting of the disk space occupied by the deleted file. Instead, make use of another healthy system for installation and recovery process.
  • Finally, do not try to restart the system thinking that the problem will be solved, as overwriting of files during startup can also result in permanent data loss.

The best option is to download REMO Recover (Mac) Pro Edition software onto another healthy system, connect the affected drive a secondary slave to this system, and recover Mac data using this healthy system.

Solid data recovery service in Eastern Pennsylvania

If you have need for data recovery services in the areas of Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and Northern Virginia has a conveniently located office to serve you. Located in Malvern, a suburb of Philly, the Philadelphia data recovery service lab is staffed and equipped for any data recovery emergency. Should your PC have just decided to no longer access the hard disk files the data recovery in Philadelphia is the company you need. They will disassemble your computer hard disk and extract for it all of your important files. With over 30 offices around the US and has the experience network to handle any data recovery problem. You may drop off your failed component or ship to. In either case you will receive a free estimate of costs to restore your data prior to any work being started. Larger organizations will be pleased to note that handles all kinds of server issues including RAID recovery. Continue reading Solid data recovery service in Eastern Pennsylvania

A proven DBX repair program for OE mail glitches

Why would anyone ever need DBX repair? DBX is the file extension used fro Microsoft’s Outlook Express. it is the primary extension for email sent and received using the Express client. Generally it is a fool proof file storage format. But it is not without its pitfalls. DBX files often are subject to failure do to corrupted data. Any number of problems can cause this damage. Simple extraction of the files when zipped will result in a loss of data. DBX repair is called for when too many messages are allowed to pile up in an inbox. It seems the earlier messages get lost in the fray. The file name will appear but when called up the message will not load. When this occurs all that is required is a proven DBX file repair program. These programs will quickly restore the email to its original condition. Continue reading A proven DBX repair program for OE mail glitches

Precision data recovery software for your PC is pleased to announce that their entire suite of data recovery software has been updated to include repair of files lost damaged or corrupted on computers using the Windows Vista operating system. For years personal computer users have depended upon powerful REMO software for assistance is finding files on Windows 2000 and XP fitted hardware. That same definitive ability to scan for and replace integral system files a has now been applied to Microsoft Windows Vista. While 95% of all REMO Software was applicable to Vista prior to this upgrade, the minor changes needed to include Vista systems in all data recovery functions are surely welcomed. Continue reading Precision data recovery software for your PC

Precise elimination of any electronic files

There are dozens of computer programs that claim to be proficient at permanently removing files from digital storage devices. Unfortunately, these usually fall into two categories, those that do a poor job of scrambling and overwriting data and those that simply disk wipe all the information on the hard drive, rendering the hard disk inoperable. One company, REMO, offers a file shredder program that manages to carefully balance data destruction and planned overwrite with keeping intact partition and directory structure.

The REMO file shredder offers nine shredding standards that guarantee unrecoverable information. The REMO data eraser is a user friendly program that simply requires file to be destructed be dropped into an open window known as the shredding zone. With a one click process, the file eraser scrambles the information stored beyond all reconstruction. Continue reading Precise elimination of any electronic files

What you can do when your PC file system is falling apart

If you are operating a personal computer that still relies upon the File Allocation Table or FAT data partitioning system, it is only a matter of time until new sophisticated software applications cause your hard drive to suffer a logical crash. It is also possible that like so many other people, this crash has already occurred and your data lies dormant, locked away in your somewhat obsolete computer. REMO, long considered the world’s experts in data recovery from hard drives have developed a program of FAT recovery software. This program, when downloaded onto a currently operational computer allows reclamation of all data, whether existing, lost or damaged from hard drives operating on the FAT system. The restored data can be replaced on the obsolete system, if desired or backed up onto a CD or DVD.

REMO Software also has available a program for NTFS recovery. NTFS is the newer Windows file allocation system. There are REMO programs for data recovery from any and every digital information storage device. Whether you have a Smart card from your camera with deleted image files or a flash card in need of USB data recovery, REMO has a program for that purpose. Continue reading What you can do when your PC file system is falling apart

Deleted recycle bin files need not be gone forever

Files and folders are not always deleted from our computer hard drive on purpose. Often, they are removed as part of a software uninstall of a program we no longer require. When a file is in a folder and that folder is sent to the recycle bin, we are not always aware of the folders contents. Hence, we empty the bin and lose the file we still had a need for. Thankfully, there is a program to undelete files in just this situation. That program is REMO undelete. It is a low cost, extremely powerful program that will easily handle operations such as recycle bin recovery.

REMO undelete will recover files deleted by malware and viruses. It can rescue files deleted using the move or cut command and even recover files that bypass the recycle bin on their way to permanent deletion. REMO Undelete is formatted to quickly locate and replace missing files that no other undelete software program can find. Using REMO trademarked Turbo Scan and File Tracer technologies, no file remains lost for long. Continue reading Deleted recycle bin files need not be gone forever

How can you recover missing digital media data?

Has your iPod just misplaced a hundred dollars worth of music? When you emptied the images from your digital camera did you somehow empty the pics into a black hole? Sometimes the simple process of transferring data can result in a loss of information. Other times we can accidentally delete files without ever realizing our error. in either scenario the solution to recover data is the same. Use powerful effective data recovery tools from REMO Software.

Available at are dozens of professionally built tools to recover deleted files and restore corrupted data. iPod recovery is just one tiny part of the functionality of the REMO digital media recovery program. And that program is just one of the dozens of programs offered. All of the REMO programs are built with a user friendly wizard style interface so that anyone with any level of computer expertise can easily find and restore lost files. Continue reading How can you recover missing digital media data?