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Recover lost files after re-installing Windows XP

Generally hard drives are formatted before using it. Formatting makes your hard drive new and   ready to use for storing data and processing. Hard drives are formatted due to various reasons like when your computer is very slow in processing data, virus attack, file corruption, while partitioning or re-partitioning drive etc. formatting is also done when we want to upgrade or re-install Operating System from one environment to another.

Hard drives are prone to data loss when you format you drive / partition while re-installing your Windows XP Operating System. Apart from this many other reasons for data loss are accidentally formatting of the wrong drive or partition and formatting the drive while re-installing Windows Operating System without taking backup of your important data may result in data loss. In such cases you can easily recover files Windows by using good Windows file recovery software. File recovery is possible until, unless the lost or deleted files are overwritten.

When you delete or lost a file from the computer it won’t get deleted permanently from the computer. Only the pointers to the file get removed from the file directory. The Operating System marks this space as free space available for storing new files. You still find those deleted files in your hard drive, but in the inaccessible form.  It is possible to recover those deleted or lost files from Windows XP Operating System by using good recovery software.

How to recover deleted files in Windows XP?

To select good Windows XP file recovery software read some articles and blogs about the software to check the selected software is capable to recover lost files from Windows XP, vista and Windows 7 Partitions / drive.  Make sure the selected application recover files from damaged partitions, reformatted partitions, re-partitioned and re-formatted drive after re-installing Windows. Check whether the software supports recovery of various deleted or lost file formats from Windows XP Operating System. Make sure the software allows you to preview the recovered files before saving them. Download the trial version of the software to check the recovery results and evaluate the software.  Check the software comes with good customer support, which helps in resolving your quires while recovering lost files from Windows XP. Buy the software based on the demo version results to restore files from Windows XP Operating System.  Follow the simple steps give below to recover files after re installing Windows XP.

  • Remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer as an secondary storage device
  • Download and install Windows XP file recovery software to the computer to which you connect you hard drive to recover lost files
  • Run the software to recover lost files after re-installing Windows XP Operating System
  • Follow the step by step instruction given by the software and according  to that recover lost files after reinstalling Windows XP Operating System

Note: Make sure that you are storing your recovered data in a safe location, do not save it in a same partition or drive from where you recovered files. It may overwrite the recovered data.

Mac Recover Deleted Files

There are a large number of users who prefer Mac instead of Windows, considering some of the advantages that Mac has over Windows. Some of the users claim that Mac is more error free than Windows. Although there might be a less number of errors on Mac, it is nevertheless not the same when it comes to loss of important data. Some common errors in Mac include journal corruption, data loss due to improper functioning of the Finder application etc. In such scenarios, Mac data recovery is possible with the help of efficient recovery software.

Computer hard disk drives are available with different data storage capacity. The hard disk can store all kinds of data including documents, photos, audio and video files. Due to various reasons stored data from the hard drive can be lost. Unintentional deletion of files is one of the most common reasons for losing data.  In all data losses scenarios end up with losing important data, and the user requires using Mac recovery software to recover lost data.

You can still lose data even though you are systematic in storing data, and taking appropriate backup from your Mac machine, if the backup you have taken is not functioning well.  There are also times when we need to recover partitions or volumes that have been deleted or lost, due to accidental formatting, re-partitioning of the drive, file system corruption, power surge etc. The Mac data recovery tool enables the user to recover lost photos, files, folders, and lost volumes from Mac without difficulty.

How do you use REMO to recover deleted Microsoft Office Files?

REMO was engineered to be as easy to use as possible. Obviously not everyone who use Microsoft Office and has the opportunity to accidentally delete files is going to be technically skilled. If REMO were to require technical skill from the users side then it wouldn’t be the successful masterpiece that it has developed into. The developers of REMO strive to create simple, easy to follow but highly reliable recovery software. By evaluating what they have produced we have determined that REMO is the best software in the industry.

When you first download and install REMO you should probably select to have their “desktop icon” placed on your desktop. The desktop icon allows you to easily locate and launch REMO software so you don’t have to find it in the frustrating moments of accidentally deleting a file. Having reassurance that REMO is there to help through a trusted desktop icon is something that you have to experience to believe. When you launch the software you will find the main window with all of your connection hard drives. It will tell you the file system and the name of the drive. Select the drive that the deleted files were stored on and proceed to the next page. REMO will attempt to find the files that you lost and keep in mind REMO is very effective at what it was designed for. It can perform deleted file recovery tasks, Microsoft Office file recovery and even NTFS partition recovery. Select the files from the results that the software found and proceed to specify a safe location to store them. This should be another hard drive or a safe location on the present hard drive. Continue reading How do you use REMO to recover deleted Microsoft Office Files?

Recover Erased Files

Any person who has accidentally erased files from a computer has a tendency to start panicking after hitting that delete button thinking the file is gone for ever. But the truth is that you can easily recover erased files. You can be quite successful in restoring these files that are lost if you act as quickly as soon as they are deleted.

Deleted File Are Not Really Gone

When you delete a file from your computer it is not permanently erased. However, it is removed from the directory of files or that particular folder where it resided. Although you can’t see the file in the folder anymore, its content, at this point in time, but still the file does exist.

Emptied Recycle Bin

You may also recover deleted files if you emptied the recycle bin or used Shift+Delete method or used any other means that bypasses the recycle bin. Although you emptied the Recycle Bin or deleted the file in some other way, it’s still not really deleted. However, the cyberspace that it occupied on your hard drive doesn’t get reused right away so the contents of the file, remains for a good deal of time.

There are lots of software’s available on the market today that will help you to undelete files. These tools are not standard pieces of software applications that come when you buy your computer or operating system. Therefore they need to be purchased from a third party provider.

Data Recovery Software

REMO Undelete is best suited for recovery of deleted files. The software lets the user recover all files, deleted due to various reasons like, accidental deletion, deletion due to virus attacks etc.

The undelete software supports recovery of files from fixed hard drives, all types of flash memory cards, and also from removable USB drives. It is compatible with both NTFS and FAT file systems, and supports recovery of deleted files from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows 7 operating systems. Continue reading Recover Erased Files

The myth about data deletion

There is an age old myth that exists about deletion of data from computers. Many PC users are of the false belief, that when they delete a file from the PC by using the delete key, and then by emptying the Recycle Bin, that file has been lost forever, and that it is not recoverable. This false impression about data deletion is to be changed.

In reality, when a file is deleted, only the pointer to that particular file is deleted, and not the actual data present on the file. The disk space occupied by the deleted file is now marked as free space, and hence, the file is still present on the hard drive, but is inaccessible. The very fact, that the file still exists on the hard drive, gives us hope to recover deleted files in Windows XP or any new Windows Operating System in its original form, using a good recovery software.

REMO Recover (Windows) Basic Edition software, lets you recover all your deleted data with utmost ease. The software is a blend of various diverse features, making it a complete deleted data recovery package for recovering all kinds of deleted data. It’s never late than ever; so go ahead, and get a feel of this powerful software. Continue reading The myth about data deletion

Powerful programs to bring important data back from destruction

No computer or its operating system is safe from a malware attack. Malware or spyware can infiltrate your computers hard drive and destroy thousands of hours work while rendering your computer completely inoperable. Often this damaging software comes attached to an innocuous program that you need or something an innocent as a video download. However these programs find their way into your system when you need to repair the damage they cause there is but one effective means to do so. That is to use data recovery programs from REMO Software. REMO has been offering do-it-yourself software for data recovery to the public for over five years.

Recently REMO added a Mac Data Recovery Software to their product line. This powerful program will rescue damaged partitions on Macs as well as perform basic file recovery of deleted and lost files. In short, it can solve Mac problems whether they are large or small.

A mainstay of the REMO data recovery program offering is their Windows data recovery software. Windows is very susceptible to data loss of partition structure and this program is built just to dig into those sectors and retrieve corrupted files.

Recently their has been a huge increase in the need for photo recovery and recovery of files on other types of digital media. These include MP4 players like the iPod. Anything that stores digital data is apt to have information accidentally deleted. And when that happens digital media recovery software will come to your aid. The program uses a simple and friendly interface that allows anyone to search for their device and reclaims deleted files on its storage.

Data loss by way of deleted files is primarily caused by human error. So often we wish we had a program that could reverse our actions and “undelete” any files we meant to keep. REMO Undelete will do exactly that. With in seconds the program will scan your hard drive for deleted files and present them to you so that you can choose whichever you wished to keep.

Another great utility from REMO is their Outlook Mail recovery tool. Microsoft Outlook is the premier mail client used anywhere in the world. But it can and does lose message files. When this happens this program will find all of your lost Outlook Mail and bring it back to you. Continue reading Powerful programs to bring important data back from destruction

The means to undelete files is at everyone’s disposal

When you delete a file where does it go? File heaven? Is that file forever gone? Not at all deleted files simply have the space they were in labeled as empty. The data that was stored in the file or folder is still their waiting to be overwritten. Often we delete files that we need unknowingly. This usually occurs when removing obsolete or unwanted programs. We don’t always realize that files in these programs are needed for other operations. Usually we are queried prior to the files deletion but don’t notice and when asked if we want to delete all simply click yes as we are in a hurry. Soon when we go to load a system we receive an error message stating the program could not load because a certain file could not be found. When this happens one must simply use an undelete files program. An undelete files program will locate the lost data and restore it to needed to need applications. Continue reading The means to undelete files is at everyone’s disposal

Reclaim data from PCs using any distribution of Linux

The Linux operating system is a completely free computer program. Anyone can download Linux and use it to operate their computer. However, specific distributions of Linux such as Red Hat, Mandriva and Gentoo are available at a cost. These systems are proven superior, as they include technical support for the loading and operation of the Linux software. When one experiences the loss of data on a Linux system run computer, it is necessary to have available Linux data recovery software that supports these various Linux distributions.

The best known Linux recovery software capable of supporting every Linux distribution is the Linux recovery program. Available at, this simple to use program is available with a free demo download that affords the user the opportunity to know before they have purchased the program whether their lost files can be saved. Just as with the REMO Windows recovery programs, this program for Linux recovery allows for complete disk cloning. Continue reading Reclaim data from PCs using any distribution of Linux

Software to bring lost photos back from destruction

If you have a Canon digital camera, it saves files in a proprietary format. These files known as RAW files are saved as CRW or CR2 files. Popular Nikon cameras use their own format initialed NEF. Sony, Olympus and Minolta each have their own format as well. Should you have a need to recover deleted photos taken on any of these types of cameras, you will require a program for photo recovery that supports both RAW files and these digital cameras in particular. Once downloaded onto your computer, your digital images may be saved in popular image formats such as JPG, JPEG et al.

At present, only one data recovery system supports both RAW files and memory card recovery in any and all of these formats. That is the digital media recovery software program from REMO Software. this easy to use powerful program allows the user the ability to visually preview files prior to recovery. It also allows recovery of data in compressed form. Once found and recovered, digital media files can then be resaved or written to a CD/DVD. Continue reading Software to bring lost photos back from destruction

Retrieve files and folders from logically crashed computers

Effective data recovery systems require that the search for lost, deleted or damaged files be aimed exactly at the area of malfunction. If one is using a computer operating in the Linux system, a program to recover lost data on a Windows loaded computer will flounder. A program to repair the inbox on an Outlook mail client will not restore Outlook Express sent folder mail. Data recovery software must be targeted to a specific task in order to be successful.

REMO data recovery software was developed and designed with exactly this premise in mind. And, that is why REMO programs are so effective. There are separate programs available from REMO for Windows recovery and Mac recovery. There are programs to recover Outlook mail and Outlook Express mail. REMO digital media recovery software package scans for and restores image and video files. For every data recovery task, REMO has built a program to accomplish it. Continue reading Retrieve files and folders from logically crashed computers

Electronic medicine for your ailing computer

When you feel poorly and you aren’t performing up to snuff, what do you do? You go to the doctor of course. But when your computer is sluggish and performing under par what then is there to do? Simple, you visit the REMO. Since 1991, REMO has been healing sick computer hard drives and technical arrays. During that time they developed programs to scan, diagnose and repair all manner of logic crash problems. Currently, REMO is offering a range of effective programs of file recovery software that will not only find lost or deleted files they will actually undelete files that through the windows operating system have been doubly deleted, once through delete and twice through the recycle bin.

How clever are the techs at They have programs to recover deleted emails. This is amazing as it requires tapping into servers to find the lost of corrupted files. Email recovery, undeleting files and all around data recovery are areas that the people at REMO have completely mastered. Continue reading Electronic medicine for your ailing computer

Save accidentally lost information from permanent deletion

Everyone manages to lose important data and files on their PC from time to time. This can occur through no fault of your own. One simple download of a file containing a virus or one power outage, causing an improper shutdown of your systems and the next thing you know, you have a recover lost partition problem. Fortunately, the proven as reliable hard drive repair specialists REMO offer a complete range of programs that will enable anyone to recover data that has been lost.

One of the most popular programs from REMO is their FAT data recovery software. Using the FAT recovery software is a simple matter to save information from a missing or lost partition, a deleted partition or even a reformatted drive. REMO data recovery programs are available on their website at There you will find complete descriptions and explanations of all the popular REMO data recovery software as well as helpful information to aid you in diagnosing your particular lost information problem. Continue reading Save accidentally lost information from permanent deletion